Please be mindful that due to the height that some of these windows are installed at, and visual impediments such as light fixtures, the images presented here are the best representation we could obtain.    

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These six lower windows in the nave were donated by Michael Mullin as a memorial to Mary, his wife, and himself. All six of these windows are by James Watson & Son, Eire. 


These four windows are on the north transept and were donated by the family of James Sullivan, Jane Sullivan, James Joseph Sullivan & Julia McCabe in their memory. These four windows are by F.X. Zettler of Munich, Germany  


On the south transept, these four windows are a gift from Michael Mullin, a generous benefactor.The windows were manufactured by Mathieson & Gibson, Melbourne

Crowning the vaulting height of the gracefully curving sanctuary are eight windows depicting (from left to right), St Aloysius, St. Bridget, St. Patrick, Mother Immaculate, Sacred Heart, St. Joseph, St. Anne & St. John the Evangelist.  

            Above Our Lady's Altar is this wonderful depiction of the Coronation of Our Lady                         by  H. Credgington, Catholic Art Gallery of Melbourne.

Above St. Joseph's Altar is the Crucifixion, by H. Credgington. Note the skull at the foot of the cross. A skull and crossed bones was always present on crucifixes, be it an image, large statue or small crucifix on rosary beads. It is to remind us of our own mortality and the judgement that will follow. 

                    At the rear of the church, next to the Baptistry, is this memorial window for                           Rev. Father P. J. Smyth S.M.

By James Watson & Son of Eire